Vaginoplasty: A Guide to Healing

A Tran’s Woman’s Guide to Healing

Cristina Michaels_BW-2

By Cristina Michaels MS. L.Ac.

There is so little information about what to expect from the powerful gender affirming procedure of vaginoplasty. Let alone how to heal and recover after this gender confirming surgery. After nine years of treating the transgender community in her private acupuncture practice, Cristina Michaels has taken years to gather some of the most useful complementary medical tools to help the transgender population in their long and arduous twelve month journey.

Using the experience of a number of other transgender women who have gone through this empowering procedure along with her own experience. Cristina brings you this comprehensive book that will tell the reader what to expect weekly and monthly and give them a guide to their own healing and recovery. There is a Friends and Family chapter to help those ally’s and caring loved ones. If you are preparing for your vaginoplasty or within your first year of recovery this book is just what you need. 

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