Healing Roots Acupuncture brings 25 years experience to each patient.

If you are rehabbing a sports injury, managing chronic pain, or recovering from a traumatic brain injury, help is just inside the door. Prior to attending graduate school Cristina apprenticed for 2 years in a fertility acupuncture clinic. If you are preparing for pregnancy, a birth or are healing from the pregnancy, Cristina will be a great help as you through that journey. When you arrive into this Queer and Transgender inclusive care setting of Healing Roots Acupuncture, you will find immediate help with many psycho-emotional issues, including gender dysphoria.

A proud member of the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association.

Cristina is the proud author of The Adventures of Vaginoplasty: A Trans Woman’s Guide to Healing. Inside this personal guide to healing are the voices of a number of other transgender women who have gone through this empowering procedure. Within the pages are years of complementary medicine advice, stretching, and a weekly and monthly what to expect. Cristina identifies as a transgender female and is an active advocate. 

If you have questions contact Cristina at 720-443-2966 or [email protected]

More Than Just Needles


“I can tell I am in the hands of an expert.” 

“I can put myself in her hands and have confidence.” 

“I know that Cristina is going to make me feel better.”

“Her caring demeanor and heartfelt desire to help her clients (Cristina) makes for a welcoming experience. Cristina has a thorough understanding of the body.”

“Well versed in Chinese medicine, massage therapy, stretching techniques and more. Cristina has true healing hands.” 

“The benefits are great.” 

“If you are on the LGBTQ spectrum you will be very comfortable here.” 

“So, go and check her out!”

Healing Roots Acupuncture