Inclusive Healing Studio


Healing During The Holidays

Finding ways to be resilient and finding an inclusive healing space can often be hard for the LGBTQIA community. As a community we also have seen a tremendous amount of marginalization on a national level. Because of this I have pivoted to offer a more inclusive studio to heal. Beginning this month there shall be a number of Singing Bowl sessions all donation based. These sessions are designed to cleanse and bring harmony to the body and spirit. There will also be a number of Qigong sessions added throughout the month. If you are an inclusive yoga, breathing, meditation and or alternative mover or shaker please feel free to reach out directly to Healing Roots Acupuncture.

December Healing Events

Solstice Singing Bowl Sessions

Dec. 19th (Tue.) 5:30-6:30 pm

Dec 21st (Thurs.) 5:30-6:30 pm

This is a start to something new, I am excited to be developing and creating a safe inclusive healing space. Offering regular small groups and personalized, in person or on zoom, yoga, meditation, gong baths, Qigong and breathe cultivation classes.

December 2023

If you are interested in rental rates and or would like to schedule a zoom interview please reach out to me at 720-443-2966 or [email protected]


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