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10 Needle & Hara: There is more to acupuncture than needles. Some folk are not comfortable around needles. Acupuncture needles are the width of two of your hairs.  Using a guide tube to create skin surface tension, this action allows for a nearly pain free needle insertion.  There are some wonderful 8 and 4 needle techniques that can reduce excess needle worrying. Three visits for $180.00

There are a number of varieties of Fire Cupping. Depending on each individual and where their Qi is, then choosing which Fire Cupping techniques would be best for the patient. There is an ongoing Fire Cupping specials offered monthly which are two for $100.00.

There is Shiatsu, Tiuna, along with Hara. Shiatsu and Tiuna are Japanese and Chinese forms of massage or Qi manipulation. These techniques vary from Acupressure to using lubricated ointment and a smooth edged tool to stroking and move Qi and Blood.  This helps the skin to release toxins, external invasions, and breaks up muscle adhesion’s. This hands-on body treatment uses brushing, rolling, pressing and rubbing to move energy in the meridians and muscles. By stimulating acupuncture points, non-musculoskeletal and musculoskeletal conditions can be treated.

Hara means “abdomen” in Japanese. This technique is a deep abdominal manipulation and has shown to help digestive issues to psycho-emotional issues.

Auricular acupuncture is another incredible way to touch the brain and some of the limbic brains functions. There is one treatment protocol specific for substance abuse and cravings.

Moxibustion, an herb called Mugwort, is burned on either on the handle of the needle, directly above the skin, on salt, or on a slice of Ginger. This brings warmth to the acupuncture points and adds the healing properties of the herb to nourish the point and results in faster healing.

Active Isolated Stretching: This stretching technique takes clients through a range of stretches that isolate each individual muscle group. With this technique will come greater mobility, decreased pain, and teaches the recipient what they can do so on their own.

Service Pricing:

  • New Patient – Intake, Consultation, and Treatment 90 minutes – $200.00
  • Acupuncture Treatment 45-60 minutes – $80.00-100.00 Sliding Scale
  • 10 Needle Balance & Hara Package – 3 for $180.00
  • Fire Cupping Package – 2 for $100.00
  • Sports, Bodywork & Cupping 60 minutes – $120.00
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Management Consultation – $90.00
  • Ask about LGBTQIA discounts.
  • Ask about our veterans discount.

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