Author of The Adventures of Vaginoplasty; 

A Trans Woman’s Guide to Healing

Cristina Michaels MS, L.Ac.
Pronouns: she/her/hers
25 Years in the Healing Arts
Healing Roots Acupuncture
Queer Dance Project

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About Cristina

Healing Roots Acupuncture and Queer Dance Project are the brain child of Cristina Michaels. Healing Roots Acupuncture brings 25 years of healing arts experience inside the doors of this complementary medical practice. This office offers a variety of treatment with sliding scales and hardship applications for those who may request it. Queer Dance Project was born out of the inherent discrimination within the dance industry. Diversity and inclusion are at the root of these two businesses.

Topics of Expertise

  • Acupuncture; Beyond the needles.
  • Bodywork.
  • Transgender Advocacy and Allyship.
  • Dance, choreography and training.
  • Dietary and lifestyle management.
  • Injury, surgeries, healing and recovery.

Signature Talks

  • Complementary Medicine and Post Operative Transgender Care
    Main Take-Away, (Uploadable PDF)

I.    One
II.   Two
III.  Three

  • Transgender Dancers Advocacy and Allyship
    Main Take-Aways, (Uploadable PDF)

I.   One
II.  Two
III. Three