Queer Dance Project


This is a start something new, I am excited to be developing and creating a safe LGBTQIA dance learning space. Offering regular small groups and personalized, in person or on zoom, ballet, jazz, modern, queer qi cultivation classes.

This dream came to me early in my transition knowing that their was no place for the transgender and or gender expansive queer community to learn dance.   This dream will take time to completely develop that is why it is called a "project."  During these pressing and difficult times I am hoping to create and develop a wonderful queer dance learning space here in the greater Denver area.

If you are interested, please visit my sister website at https://queerdanceproject.com/ for the most recent video upload. If you are interested in rates and or would like to schedule a zoom interview please reach out to me at 720-433-2966 or [email protected]

July & Aug 2022
July & Aug 2022 (1)